Your holiday is our Priority

CMNH Asia is Asia’s Leading online holiday product resale and rental portal. We create platform for both Owners and Buyers to have the best deal in the market.

Our team at CMNH is dedicated to the belief that each of us should spend quality time together and there’s no better place to do than on a holiday.

Our years of experience have taught us just how important it is to take some time to reconnect with family and friends in our ever increasingly fast paced world.

A vacation will provide the perfect opportunity to strengthen our bonds with loved ones while relaxing in luxurious surroundings at some of the world’s finest destinations.


We believe that holidays should be AFFORDABLE, FUN and HASSLE FREE.

No one should be paying more than what they are supposed to.

And that is exactly what we strive to deliver to our MEMBERS.


At CMNH Asia, we recruit MEMBERS who are selling or renting their holiday products and potential new owners. We give FREE CONSULTATION to our members on the holiday products they and offer FREE EVALUATION.

To join as a member we offer an ADVERTISEMENT SPACE for a fee. Their holiday product will then be online for sale on the agreed price. Our team will also actively promote the inventory on other social media platform to ensure a conclusive sale in the shortest possible time.

As we respect the confidentiality of personal information, CMNH Asia will not divulge information to a third party.

For potential new owners, we offer our membership for FREE. They will get updated information of the Holiday Product that they are looking and the current market trend of which holiday product suits them best.

If they like to “Test Drive” of what the holiday product have to offer, they can join our HOLIGOOD PREMIUM service.


Services are provided for the followings:


To get the best price possible for their timeshare within the stipulated time suggested. We have set the industry standard for timeshare sales and rentals on the secondary market. Our innovative advertising initiatives offer the greatest exposure for your holiday property, while our experienced timeshare executives provide you with the best knowledge, support and assistance.


We will educate new buyers what to buy depending on their holiday lifestyle and budget. We also offer extensive online marketplace to browse through a vast selection of available properties throughout the world. You can take your time and need not to worry about high-pressure salespeople or time constraints. Search for your ideal timeshare from the comfort of your own home, and at up to 70% off the retail price!


holigood premium is a holiday product operated by the team at CMNH Asia. holigood is a way of experiencing a holiday product before deciding to purchase. For more information, visit them at www.holigood.com


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